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                                             RIGHT FORM OF VERB  
    1. Always ,regularly, sometimes, often, generally ,daily, every day, occasionally ,usually ,                                                                etc থাকলে verb এর present form (present indefinite tense) হবে
    2. Now, at this moment থাকলে am /is/are + verb এর present form এর সাথে ing (present continuous tense)
    3. Just ,just now, already ,yet, ever ,lately, recently থাকলে have/has +verb এর past participle .(present perfect tense )
    4. Yesterday , ago, long since, last night থাকলে verb এর past form(past indefinite tense)
    5. No sooner had + subject + verb এর past participle +object + than + subject +verb এর past form (no sooner had +past perfect tense + than + past indefinite tense)
    6. Present indefinite /present perfect tense + since +past indefinite tense
    7. Past perfect tense  +    before + past indefinite tense .
    8. Past indefinite tense   +   after + Past perfect tense   .
    9. Had better , had rather ,would rather ,would better ,let ,must ,need , dare +verb এর present form.
    10. Would that +subject +could +verb এর  present form.
    11. To be/having +verb এর past participle .
    12. Mind ,worth ,without, past, cannot help, could not help ,with a view to ,look forward to ,would you mind, get used to +verb এর সাথে ing
    13. It is high time ,it is time ,wish ,fancy থাকলে verb এর past form হবে
    14. As if ,as though ,wish থাকলে were (to be)হবে
    15. Present indefinite tense +as though/as if +past indefinite tense
    16. Past indefinite tense + as though/as if + past perfect tense
    17. If + Present indefinite +future indefinite tense
    18. If +past indefinite tense +past conditional
    19. If +past perfect tense +perfect conditional
    20. Had +subject +past participle +object , +subject +would have/could have/ might have +verb এর past participle +object
    21. If +subject +were +object , + subject +might/would/could +object
    22. subject +verb(past form)
    23. +conjunction +subject +should/would +verb(present form)+object+the next +others